plywood jig You need a suitable plot with enough space to allow access to the growing stool from all sides, and three young saplings (known as "whips") of a suitable species such as Sycamore.
The easily assembled plywood jig, or drawings from which you can cut your own,is available . For further details please email:
It comes flat packed, complete with instructions.
saplings with positioning guide Accurate planting of the saplings is easy with the help of the positioning guide, supplied with the kit.
training the saplings around the jig They are trained to shape as they grow, being held in place temporarily with plant ties. grafting to form the stool's joints When thick enough, the saplings can be gratfted together to form the joints of the stool frame keeping the horizontal sections flat The jig top panel keeps the horizontal sections of the sapling flat and correctly spaced.
a harvested stool In about five years the frame should be sufficiently robust to allow you to harvest it and to add the top of your choice.